Bio- and medtech business: real stories and opportunities February 12

What does it take to achieve success in biotech and medtech business? We will explore it through the experiences and build on that. IP, financing, team effort and sales.
Time: Febr 12, 2015
Location: Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, Mäealuse 2/1, UK Lounge
Moderator: Erik Mölder
10:00 – Coffee and registration
10:20 – Introduction

10:30 – From research to business – University College London technology tranfser model,
 Cengiz Tarhan
11:00 – From research to business – case: Icosagen, Mart Ustav

11:20 – From research to business – case:
 SafeToAct, Priit Lumi
11:50 – Lunch

12:50 – Financing bio and medtech innovation –J&J Innovation
, Johan Verbeeck and Anna Enzerink
13:20 – Expectations and criteria of early stage biotech and medtech investors  –
 Seppo Mäkkinen
13:50 –
 Enterprise Europe Networkopportunities to find technology partners – Kaija Valdmaa, Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol
14:00 – Coffee break

14:30 – Commercializing ideas from hospitals and clinics – Jesper Bredemose,
15:00 – Swedish success in BioTech and MedTech –
 Eskil Söderlind, Avena Partners
15:30 – Finnish success in BioTech and MedTech –Tero Piispanen,
 Turku Science Park
16:00 – Coffee Break

 – Finnish strategic view on boosting biotech and medtech – TEKES, Auli Pere
17:00 – 121 meetings and discussions

18:00 – End of the day
Please register by February 9 the latest by answering this e-mail with your name and company name.
Participation fee is 125€+VAT per person.
Participation is free to Tehnopol service clients, Connected Health Cluster members, seminar partners, investors and students.
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