The Development Fund helps 20 Estonian startups to start sales

Starting today and until the 9th of May, 20 startups are taking part in a program with the objective to increase the international competitiveness of startups operating in Estonia, by teaching them the necessary sales and marketing skills.

20 startups from nearly 50 candidates were selected into the program, which is organized in Tallinn with the support of the Estonian Development Fund. “We believe that sales skills are of crucial importance in the development of startups. With the program, we give startups the opportunity to set their sales plans in stone and begin to execute them with the help of professional trainers and experts,” said the Manager of Startup Estonia Mari Vavulski.

The pilot program, launched in Tallinn, is executed by British innovation center VentureScout, which unites entrepreneurs, former managers of large corporations, business angels and entrepreneurship experts. The VentureScout team has brought 28 startups to life, 5 of which have achieved notable success. In addition, VentureScout also counsels large companies such as Siemens, Kraft and MasterCard on the topics of innovation.

The sales skill development program includes Estonian startup companies Funderbeam, Sportlyzer, Sorry as a Service, Signwise, Fleep, ResultsOnAir, Lingvist, Actual Reports, SportID, FlexyPress, CoModule, Nutiteq, Guaana, Plumbr, Timbeter, Toitla, Positiom, GoWorkaBit, DeltaBid and Deekit.

The sales program is launched in the scope of the Startup Estonia program, funded by the means of the European Regional Development Fund. The goal of Startup Estonia is to offer an easily understood and comprehensive development environment to starting entrepreneurs in Estonia and promote the creation and development of ambitious companies which create value for the world in cooperation with the ecosystem of Estonian startups.

You can read about the activities in the program over the next month at the Development Fund blog:

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