The Development Fund sends five Estonian sustainable technology experts to practice in European companies

The Development Fund has selected five capable experts of environmental solutions who are sent to take part of the practice program Pioneers into Practice in cooperation with Europe’s largest climate innovation promoter Climate-KIC.

Europe’s largest climate innovation promoter Climate-KIC offers experts of the fields of education, entrepreneurship and research the opportunity to improve their skills to create new technologies and services.

In the scope of the program, experts who are interested in sustainable technology and climate change can work and study for two months in partner organizations in Poland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, Hungary, Italy or Germany. Experts who were awarded the stipend are compensated for living expenses and salaries.

“We are glad to support Estonian experts in their attempts to find novel solutions to current environmental problems. I believe that the selected candidates are the people who will help create a better climate policy, environmentally friendly technologies and technical solutions in the future,” said the Cleantech Project Manager Marit Sall of the Development Fund.

The Estonian Development Fund began to develop the field of sustainable technology (cleantech) in the fall of 2014. The goal of the program is to put Estonia on the European map as a developer of the field of sustainable technology and to help more ideas to grow into companies with global impact. The sustainable technology program is focused on four key areas: startups of sustainable technology, education, information exchange and international cooperation.

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