With general enquiries please contact info[at] or +372 616 1100.

Pirko Pirko Konsa
Tel: +372 616 1100
Skype: pirko.konsa
Email: pirko.konsa[at]
Peep Peep Siitam
Head of the Energy and Green Economy division
Tel: +372 616 1070
Email: peep.siitam[at]
Peep has been managing the sector of Energy and Green Economy at the Estonian Development Fund since September 2012.
a_VALI_6710 Lembit Vali
Energy and Green Economy Expert
Tel: +372 616 1070
Email: lembit.vali[at]
Lembit is engaged in project coordination and monitoring processes in the field of Energy and Green Economy.
Irje Möldre Irje Möldre
Energy and Green Economy Environmental Expert
Tel: +372 616 1100
Email: irje.moldre[at]
Irje has analysed the current situation of the energy and green economy and contributed to the development of future trends.
 Mari Vavulski Mari Vavulski
Head of the Startup Estonia                     Tel: +372 616 1100
Email: mari.vavulski[at]
Mari leads the Startup Estonia programme. Aim of the Startup Estonia program is to give a boost to the development of Estonian startup ecosystem and therefore launch different training activities to support the emergence and development of startup companies as well as improve their accessibility for smart money.
 Rivo_9661 Rivo Riistop
Startup Estonia Startup Foresight Project Manager
Tel: +372 616 1100
Email: rivo.riistop[at]
Rivo is supporting the development of Estonian startup ecosystem through the activities of Start-up Estonia program. Rivo is mainly responsible for idea validation and training for startup founders.
Caroline Caroline Rute
Startup Estonia Project Manager
Tel: +372 616 1100
Email: caroline.rute[at]
Caroline is responsible for two strategic areas: startup education and healthtech startup ecosystem development. In addition, she is the director of the Tallinn chapter of Founder Institute.
henri Henri Soom
Startup Estonia Project Manager
Tel: +372 616 1100
Email: henri.soom[at]
Henri works with the implementation process of Startup Estonia program. He is responsible for mapping the Estonian startup ecosystem, drafts the training and mentoring activities for startups, works with marketing activities for Startup Estonia and introduces Estonian startups to foreign partners.
AF_kadi-ingrid Kadi-Ingrid Lilles
Startup Estonia Project Manager
Tel: +372 616 1100
Email: kadi-ingrid.lilles[at]
Kadi is focusing on developing and executing strategies to build and strengthen the Estonian startup ecosystem, developing the marketing and brand strategy and carrying out relevant training programs for startups, angel investors, incubators and accelerators.
marit_0177 Marit Sall
Cleantech Project Manager
Tel: +372 616 1100
Email: marit.sall[at]
Marit is responsible for developing the Estonian cleantech network and fostering the cleantech startup ecosystem. She is coordinating the partnership with Climate-KIC and is the country lead for Europe’s largest cleantech business idea competition, ClimateLaunchpad.
Raul Ennus Raul Ennus
ICT  Expert
Tel: +372 616 1100
Email: raul.ennus[at]
Raul is the head of the smart specialisation ICT program.
 Kaja Kuivjõgi Kaja Kuivjõgi
Health Tech Coordinator
Tel: +372 616 1100
Email: kaja.kuivjogiar[at]
Kaja coordinates the Health Technology and e-Health sector of Smart Specialization.
Kaja is an initsiator of the Estonian e-Health system.
 annika_6155 Annika Lentso
Tel: +372 616 1100
Email: annika.lentso[at]

Annika supports the Smart Specialisation team with numerical analysis – economic analysis in context of the Smart Specialisation. In addition, Annika is engaged with the analysis of the entrepreneurial environment and measures affecting them.
Raul Rammula
Expert of Materials Technologies
Tel:+372 616 1100
Email: raul.rammula[at]
Raul is an expert of materials technologies within the Smart Specialisation team.
 mariliis_6646 Mari-Liis Suvi
Office Manager
Tel: +372 616 1100
Email: mariliis.suvi[at]
Mari-Liisis a key person in mediating both internal and external information to the people of the Development Fund and communicating with clients/partners.
Antti Perli Antti Perli
Legal Adviser
Tel: +372 616 1103
Skype: anttiperli
Email: antti.perli[at]
I is Antti’s job to manage legal issues relating to investments  – the analysis of legal risks of investments, preparation and negotiation of contracts and advising the Estonian Development Fund team on legal issues relating to investment activities.