Qualitative analysis of smart specialisation

This is a publication of the qualitative analysis of smart specialisation. It defines specific fields where Estonia has the greatest potential for innovation. Download the report here.  

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2012, the Estonian report

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor or GEM consortium that represents 69 countries (87% of the world economy) has been looking into and measuring entrepreneurial activity in various countries around the world. Estonian report can be found here.  

“Forward!” – Report to the Parliament 2010/2011

The fourth report of the Estonian Development Fund to the Estonian Parliament. The opportunities and challenges for Estonia arising from the future developments and crisis-reinforced megatrends of the world economy have been brought to the attention of the decision makers.

“Forward!” Report to the Parliament 2009/2010

The third report, reflecting the Development Fund’s work in the period from autumn 2009 to autumn 2010. The cover of the report shows the future vision of the people of Estonia collected in the course of “Estonia’s vision of growth 2018” – the Estonia of our dreams.